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Yellow Crane Tower - Wuhan, China

Ni Hao!

Our move to Asia has been quite the exciting one thus far. We have been living in Wuhan, China for the past 3 months. The city of Wuhan has a whopping population of 11 million people and its been an adventure for us Canadians, to say the least. From scootering through the crazy traffic and chaotic driving system to navigating the must have Chinese apps to pay for pretty much everything (taxi's, buy groceries, order takeout, pay bills etc), daily life is extremely eventful with the most random things you could ever imagine.

The Wuhanese people have been very friendly despite the language barrier. No-one in Wuhan speaks any English. We have had fun using our conversational Chinese and charade skills to communicate, learning new words every day.

As we are settling in to our daily lives and routine in China, we've been exploring our surrounding area.

On New Years weekend we traveled to Hankou, an area of Wuhan that hosts the famous "Yellow Crane Tower". Starting at the east gate we had a nice walk down a winding stone path, lined with intricate archways. After making a stop to ring the giant bell, we ventured up the Yellow Crane Tower to check out the views of this mega-city.

Definitely would recommend this to anyone in Wuhan looking for a way to spend a nice Saturday afternoon!



Song #1: San Holo - One Thing


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