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Our Moving Roots is the idea that in life we are not meant to be stagnant, but rather be in constant motion; planting new roots in the places we go, the people we meet, the experiences we have, while infusing love in all of the above. 

Filling life with adventure, welcoming all  new opportunities, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and realizing you have the ability to have a positive outlook in any situation is our recipe for life-long happiness. 

Our Story

Hi, we're Alison and Jarod, an adventurous Canadian couple living in the moment!


Our love story began in Canada's capital city Ottawa, Ontario where we met in the Teacher Education Program. From skate dates on The Rideau Canal to hikes in Gatineau Park we quickly realized how well suited we were for each other. 


We have a passion for travel, fitness, adventuring, saying yes to every activity and growing together as kind humans.  


We hope you enjoy a glimpse into our world as we document this crazy journey called life. 

MEET ALISON: Loves roller blading, is outgoing and a little gullible ...

Alison grew up in the small beach town of Cobourg, ON where she played many sports, danced and lifeguarded. At a younger age, she was (still is) quite fearless, climbing and exploring anything she could get her hands on. She graduated from Trent University with a Bachelor of Arts, lived in the beautiful city of Vancouver, worked as a Personal Trainer, backpacked through Europe, then attended the University of Ottawa where she became a Canadian Certified Teacher. 

You will most likely find her sharing this adventure of a lifetime with Jarod, exploring any new place she can find, organizing, shopping, watching the Detroit Red Wings, drinking tea, playing sports and/or at the gym.

MEET JAROD: Enjoys long walks on the beach, asking people to call him Dragon and is really really really ridiculously good looking ...

From a young age Jarod has had a problem for asking too many questions and getting into mischief looking for answers. Luckily he made it through his juvenile years keeping himself busy with every sport under the sun and eventually completing his Business Administration degree. After teaching English for two years in Taiwan he quickly realized his love for teaching and attended the University of Ottawa to obtain his Bachelor of Education. It was there he met the love of his life and started this exciting journey.


In his spare time he likes to lift weights, eat bread, drink coffee, spend time with friends and family, explore the world, play sports and capture this crazy world we live in.

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