Chilliwack & Lindeman Lake, British Columbia

There is nothing better than exploring the beautiful outdoors at the peak of Autumn. It is pretty safe to say we are "adventure junkies", from warm to cold, sunshine to rain, you'll find us outside exploring. We adventured with Jarod's cousin Crystal to Chilliwack Lake with gorgeous mountain views engulfing us, while the sun peaked out through the clouds to say hello. We then set off and hiked Lindeman Lake Trail, a moderately steep climb with a stunningly calm mirror lake at the top. The fall colours and clear blue shades of water were breath taking. We highly recommend exploring Chilliwack and surrounding area, bundle up and get outside! Hope you enjoy our outdoor fall adventure. ❤ Our Mov

Surfing in Tofino, British Columbia

To us, adventure is always worthwhile. With our move to China pushed back a month because of a paper work glitch, we've been "stuck" in the beautiful city of Vancouver (not a bad place to be stranded, am I right?). Of course our spontaneous personalities have us exploring everything this gorgeous place has to offer. As well as leading us to grab a backpack, jump in our friend Stu's van and road trip for the weekend to surf in Tofino, BC. The quaint surf town of Tofino has such a chill vibe. You see retro hippie vans passing by with surf boards strapped to them, plastered with bumper stickers 'I'd rather be surfing' , surfers biking with their boards to the beaches, the campgrounds partying i

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