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Maya Bay Sleep Aboard - Thailand

During February 2018 we traveled around all of Southeast Asia. While in Thailand one of our favourite stops was the Phi Phi Islands. Included in the Phi Phi Islands is Maya Bay, one of the most famous beaches in the world. Maya Beach has been featured in movies such as "The Beach" and "James Bond" and is extremely picturesque. We were lucky enough to score a spot on the Maya Bay Sleep Aboard trip. While all tourists are required by law to leave the bay for the night, this company has the rights to stay over night and sleep on the boat! Our trip included a tour to Maya bay with snorkeling, kayaking, beach time, campfires, night time snorkeling with glow in the dark plankton and sleeping on top of the boat in Maya Bay! This was easily one of our most memorable experiences during our travels and we highly recommend this to anyone planning on visiting the Phi Phi Islands! Just make sure you book far in advance as it usually books up! For more information on booking your spot go to



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