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Guilin & Xing Ping China

Guilin is easily one of the most beautiful areas of China. The Li River that runs through the region is lined with stunning Karst Mountains as far as the eye can see. These mountains are what you will find on the Chinese 20rmb bank note. During our Chinese Golden Week holiday we traveled down South to experience this magical land we had heard about and it did not disappoint. We took the typical touristy Li River cruise but got off half way down the river in the small town of Xing Ping. In addition to being located in the middle of some amazing hiking trails, the city is most known for their Cormorant Fishers. Cormorant fishing is a traditional fishing method in which fishermen use trained cormorant birds to fish in rivers. This method of fishing is a dying art and Xing Ping is still home to some of the few fishers that practice these methods. We were lucky enough to hear of a "secret" hike from our hostel host. We had to take our scooter on a boat across the river and find our way to the starting point based on his directions and a few landmarks he had given us. Finally after an hour of searching we stumbled upon what we believed was the trail head at the back of a farmers field. This hike is one of our favourites we have ever done. It felt so private and removed from the hustle and bustle of China with views that we couldn't even imagine. If you come to China, you need to visit Guilin! Enjoy!


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