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Bagan & Inwa Ancient City - Myanmar

In May of 2018 we had the chance to travel to Myanmar, a country that has intrigued us for a very long time. The minute we stepped inside the country we could feel it was such a special and unique place. The people of Myanmar are so welcoming, warm-hearted and loving. We were greeted with open arms wherever we went and truly cherished every interaction with the local people. The ancient city of Inwa (founded in 1365) used to be the capital city of Myanmar, but was hit by a massive earthquake in 1842 which damaged many of the buildings. Touring through this area we saw the remnants of what remained. Some buildings were still in great shape and still bring many local tourists. We continued our journey out to the magical town of Bagan. This area of Myanmar is lined with thousands of temples as far as the eyes can see and feels untouched by tourism. It truly is one of our favourite places on earth that we have visited. Visiting this small town felt like stepping back in time. Driving our scooters through the weaving red sand roads with no one around was a feeling that is truly indescribable. Myanmar holds a very special place in our hearts and we strongly encourage everyone to visit if possible!



Song #1: Imagine Dragons - Thunder

Song #2: Rudimental - These Days Ft. Jess Glynne, Macklemore & Dan Caplen


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